The world is moving towards data-driven decision making. Diverse data types and low reaction time to fast-changing trends are some of the key challenges faced by an organisation that traditional data warehousing solutions are unable to solve. Fortunately, the new generation Big Data technologies have emerged that augment the traditional data warehousing solutions to make this a reality.

As compared to traditional data warehousing solutions which support only structured data, Big Data technology stack can be used to integrate the structured data along with semi-structured and unstructured data from social media and other data sources into a single data mart. With integrated machine learning capabilities, it empowers you to make data-driven decisions in real time.


Technology Stack for Big Data

Platform based on open source technologies

Cost-effective enterprise support

Supports structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources

Integrated platform for exploratory, BI dashboards and predictive analytics

Integrated platform for batch and stream processing

Supports cluster sharing across multiple workloads and use cases

Elastic scaling (add more computing/storage resources as and when needed)

Big Data Roadmap and Our Service Offerings

TransOrg adds value to its clients as follows:

Define and execute Big Data roadmap

Deploy and maintain Big Data infrastructure

Create a centralized data mart by integrating diverse data sources like transactional, CRM, and social media

Develop results-oriented analytics solutions using machine learning

Build real-time BI dashboards and reports and generate actionable and timely insights and highlight deviations from 

       key business performance indicators

Use Case – BI Dashboards and Exploratory Analysis

Use Case – Predictive and Streaming Analytics