How it Works

Learn how Mobisights converts data into actionable insights within seconds!

Our Price


USD 12,000/year

  • Upto 200 users
  • Upto 21 data insights
  • Upto 7 dashboards
  • Upto 5 different alerts


USD 16,000/year

  • Upto 500 users
  • Upto 30 data insights
  • Upto 10 dashboards
  • Upto 8 different alerts


USD 22,000/year

  • Unlimited users
  • Upto 60 data insights
  • Upto 20 dashboards
  • Upto 15 different alerts

Price on request if requirements exceed Premium Plan

About Us

TransOrg Analytics is a niche analytics services and products company providing descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics services and products

With presence in the US, UK, Singapore, Middle East and India, TransOrg offers fast and agile ways to help client organisations realize both short-term tactical and long-term strategic value. Our Data Scientists leverage structured, unstructured, social and text data by creatively using open source technologies to develop industry centric and proprietary productized services, predictive and optimization models. Our flexible platforms are fully supported by a consultative and best practice solutions approach.

We have prominent industry leaders as our clients across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom, Aviation, Travel, Retail, CPG, Technology, Auto, Healthcare and other industries.

  • A life insurer increased cross-sell rate by 20%
  • A financial services provider increased brokerage by 10% with targeted research calls
  • An online classifieds platform categorized real-time content with over 95% accuracy using text analytics
  • A retailer increased revenues by 16% through segmentation, market basket, spend and category analytics
  • A telecom operator reduced churn by 18% by identifying churners, 2 months in advance, targeting just 30% base
  • An online travel major reduced abandoned transactions by over 30% and retargeted customers within complete online transactions