Artificial Intelligence

Automated Machine Learning

TransOrg Analytics is a Big Data and machine learning solutions and services company transforming businesses. We use data science to simplify, optimize, organise and accelerate your business.
Automated Machine Learning


Data Science

We are an award-winning specialist data science company which leverages machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence as a medium to drive business growth. We believe in solving real business problems achieving measurable results.

Digital Analytics

Visitor behaviour and response to emails, natural and paid search advertising, targeted display ads

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Risk & Fraud Analytics

Identify claims which are potentially fraudulent

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Market Mix Modeling

Dynamic dashboard that fetches messages, posts and tweets on real time basis

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Customer Analytics

Statistical analytics and big data tools to deploy tailored marketing programs that are centered

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Data Engineering

We help clients start their analytics journey by integrating data from disparate data sources into a data lake on cloud or on-premises. We enrich the raw data to create data mart like customer 360-degree view to enable business analysis and predictive modelling. We also implement streaming data pipelines to take actions in real time.

A recipe to learning Data Science

'Data Science for all' is our resolve for this decade. Therefore, starting 2021, we have taken onto ourselves the mantle of disseminating our professional wisdom.

Pickl, by its carefully crafted variants, aims to create a generation of Data Scientists from diverse backgrounds. You can start as a 'Dabbler' and come out as a Data Science 'Wizard'.

Automated Machine Learning

Build and deploy models in few hours, instead of weeks or months. Applying advanced analytics in your business is easy with Clonizo.

Optimize your customer targeting with our automated machine learning platform