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Anomaly Detection

Banking Fraud has been an ever-growing issue with huge consequences to banks and customers alike, both in terms of financial losses, trust, and credibility. Also, with the technological disruptions in both banking and payments sector, it is essential to detect new threats and mitigate risks and frauds.

TransOrg offers solutions to identify anomalies at transactions, accounts and merchant levels using various complex modelling algorithms.

Demand Forecasting, Customer Segmentation, Higher Campaign ROI, Predictive Attrition Modelling, Cross-Sell Modelling


Reduced losses due to defaults.

Improve and maintain asset level portfolio quality.

Improved fraud management by raising resd flags for anomalies.

Better customer experience by preventing phishing attacks.

Better understanding on customer behaviour

What we do

Exploratory data analysis
  • Classify problem into supervised/unsupervised learning.
  • Detect and analyse anomalous patterns.
Feature engineering and model building
  • Engineer features
  • Create and compare multiple machine / deep learning models.
Model integration and feedback
  • Near real time model integration in big data infrastructure.
  • Automated improvements in output based on self – learning models
Monitor and monetize
  • Monitor model performance
  • Track anomalies and quantify mitigated risks.
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Case Studies

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