Sr. Data Scientist-AutoML

Location: Gurugram/Remote

Job ID: DS1005

Job Type: Full time

Experience: 5+ years

Why would you like to join us?

TransOrg Analytics, an award winning - Big Data and Predictive analytics- company, offers advanced analytics solutions to industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies across India, US, UK, Singapore and the Middle East. Our products - Clonizo' (customer cloning) have yielded significant incremental benefits to our clients. We have been recognized by the CIO Review magazine as the - Predictive Analytics Company of the Year- and by TiE for excellence in entrepreneurship.

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You are going to be working

  • In a small team, working in Agile style, extremely autonomous and extra responsible for its performance.
  • On a product journey from its infancy and see the business grow around it.
  • For the most strategic team of TransOrg, under the direct supervision of the CEO.

Which skills are we looking for?

  • Bachelor’s degree with 5+ years of experience in machine learning or related field.
  • Strong understanding of the Machine Learning lifecycle - feature engineering, training, validation, scaling, deployment, scoring, monitoring, and feedback loop.
  • Familiarity with libraires for explainable AI – LIME, FairML, SHAPE, ELI5 etc.
  • Desirable – knowledge of an automl framework such as Auto-Sklearn, TPOT, MLBox.
  • Exposure to Dask and other scalable machine learning toolkits.
  • Familiarity with hyperparameter optimization libraries such as Optuna.
  • Exposure to big data environment would be much desirable.

You are a good fit in the team if

  • You are someone who loves to work for a mission, undeterred by dull phases, excited by small victories.
  • You love to frame problems, formulate solutions and want to see your work contributing to solving a real-world problem.
  • You are someone self-driven, motivated by your own mission and hate micromanagers around you.
  • You can stand on your own in unknown territory and don’t hesitate to ask for directions and help from others.

To apply for any open positions please share your updated CV along with job id at:

To apply for any open positions please share your updated CV along with job id at: