Content Strategy for Gen-Z

Location: Gurugram

Job ID: DS1009

Job Type: Full time

Experience: 2+ years

Why would you like to join us?

TransOrg Analytics is a decade of specialization in Machine Learning and Big Data consulting. This role in question is positioned in the products team of TransOrg. Among others, Clonizo is the flagship of TransOrg and is poised to be a forerunner in the arena of Machine Learning for the coming years.

You are a good fit if you

  • Are looking for work full of life and a life full of work, unfettered by 9-5 job.
  • You are keen observer and can work autonomously based on limited key ingredients.
  • If you don’t hesitate to try out several versions of an idea/solution and let others comment on them.
  • Are someone who loves to work for a mission, is undeterred by dull phases, and gets excited by small victories.

The team you will be working with

  • Imagine yourself as working inside an incubator.
  • For the most strategic team of TransOrg, directly with the founder and other senior leaders.
  • No micromanagement.

The role

  • Ideating and developing end-to-end social media strategy for by utilising different social media platforms.
  • Develop strategies on the format, tone, style, frequency of posting content on different platforms in alignment with the product strategy.
  • Ideating, developing, and executing social media campaigns to grow the follower base on various social media platforms.
  • Creating content in accordance with the latest trends to ensure it resonates with Gen-Z.
  • Keep a tab on what is grabbing the customers’ attention on any given day.

Skills are we looking for

  • Proven experience in digital storytelling.
  • A background in liberal arts, mass comm, journalism, English Lit. would be ideal.
  • An eye for identifying patterns in different walks of life, lifestyles, and life settings.
  • Excellent Oral, written English and visual skills.
  • A creative mind who can imagine and mould a ‘seed idea’ into different formats and genres.
  • Knowledge of graphic design and video editing tools.
  • Someone with a penchant for theatre/acting would be a great plus.

To apply for any open positions please share your updated CV along with job id at:

To apply for any open positions please share your updated CV along with job id at: