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Thief wearing a black hat, obscuring the face, was arrested on a gray background.
Fraud Analytics

Enhancing Security in Banking: Anomaly Detection Model for Fraud Prevention

Introduction In today’s digital age, the financial industry faces numerous challenges, one of the most prominent being the rise in fraudulent ac...

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Fraud Analytics Generative AI

Safeguarding Banking: Unveiling the Power of Advanced Analytics and Generative AI Against Fraud and Risk

Introduction Financial institutions face a relentless battle against fraud and risk as technology advances, so do the methods employed by malicious ac...

Fraud Analytics

“Fraud detection in Banking Industry” – The new era of AI-Drive

The AI in emerging market reveals that 85% of all respondents currently use some form of AI to boost speed and efficiency, with 77% saying it is one o...

Fraud Analytics

Elusive Black Swans – New Ways to Detect Fraud

  In the 17th century, it was a common belief that all swans are white. It was changed when an explorer discovered a black swan, a seemingly impossib...