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Integrated dashboards to get insights on the fly for a leading FMCG client

TransOrg built dashboards with advanced analytics capabilities to see the overall health of the company and understand how different components of revenue, sales, and media are interacting with each other at the most granular level.

Client Objectives

Client wanted the functionality to deep dive and analyse own and competitor brands/ segments with the visualization across:

  • Time-periods (month, quarter and year)
  • Brands (segments, sub-segments, product groups)
  • Locations (states, regions and National)



  • Critical insights on revenue and sales forecasting, GRP distribu- tions, sub brand contributions at multiple levels.
  • Quick decision making and turn around time (TAT).
  • Shared the patterns that helped the client to generate maximum profits or give positive return on investments.
  • Data preparation and cleaning for advanced analytics.
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