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Analysed marketing effectiveness for Fortune 50 company with market mix modelling

TransOrg built market mix model to understand the impact of various marketing channels and their sub-components on total sales and to determine an optimal marketing mix and budget


Geography: 4-6 Brands for each geography — South Africa, Australia, USA, Thailand and China


Country X Brand X Region Level X Channel & sub-channel X Campaign Level Insights


  •   Budget Optimizer
  •   Improved campaigns ROI
  •   Sales decompositio

Client Objectives

  • To improve marketing efficiency by identifying the contribution and ROI of Marketing factors such as Advertisements (GRPs), Newspaper ads, You tube ads, Magazine etc.
  • To optimize its spend across conventional and digital media.


  • The first step in attribution modelling was quantifying the impact of all levers such as digital, outdoors, television, social media etc. on sales.
  • The output of the first model was used as an input to create a second level model for each channel (e.g. Digital) to determine impact of sub-channels (e.g. Facebook, display, YouTube etc.)
  • Third step was drilling down the impact of every sub-channel to each campaign.


The output of the model is used by the business team for marketing decision to optimize the ROI by realigning the budget allocation for different channels

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