Digital Analytics

With the growing usage of Multi-channel Communication and Advertising, Conventional Analytics no longer offers an in-depth and astute picture. To keep pace in this modern era, with the changing digital and social media landscape, we have developed Advanced Analytics for building response and optimization models.
Digital Analytics, Website Traffic Analysis, Page Drop-off Analysis, Campaign Tracking and Analysis, Website Search Analysis, Tag Implementation & Optimization, Payment Page Analysis, App Tracking



reduction in cart abandonments for an online travel aggregator


accuracy in real-time classification of free flowing search text


increase in click-through-rate for an app download campaign

What we do

Website traffic analysis
  • A holistic dashboard for leadership with all the important KPIs around website traffic and conversions and their historical comparisons
Page drop-off analysis
  • Page drop-off analysis to optimize the conversion flow
  • Increased user activity and engagement by exit page and bounce page analysis
Campaign tracking and analysis
  • Created dashboards for regular and ad-hoc campaigns with relevant KPIs
  • Actively tracked ongoing campaigns in terms of user demographics, visits, page drop-offs, exceptions etc. in order to increase conversions
  • Used SPC attribution model to gauge the effect of individual campaigns
Website search analysis
  • Segregated relevant and irrelevant content on FAQs based on user clicks and website search history
  • Modified FAQs ordering as per user searches and CRM calls for information. It led to reduced calls
Tag implementation & optimization
  • Redesigned complete tagging for website to optimize variable usage and to reduce server calls in stepwise manner
  • Effective use of SAINT classification to get the most out of the variables
UX/UI improvements and app tracking
  • New website and App gave the opportunity for comparative analysis over user experience and conversions
  • Improved conversion flow pages helped reduce the drop-off rates
Payment page analysis
  • Identified promo hunters for personalized campaigns
  • Helped to pick on users who filled their card details but were not able to complete the transaction

Case Studies

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