Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Computing and Business Analytics

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence

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Transorg Analytics -Best place to work

Are you a keen aspirant of software development? Do you think you have what it takes to build machine learning and data science?

Customer Analytics

360-degree approach for customer analytics in Consumer goods, Retail & Ecommerce Industry

Customer 360 is the idea that companies can get a complete view of customers by aggregating data from the various touch points

Customer Analytics

Customer Behavior Analytics for Personalized Acquisition and Retention Campaigns

In the context of improving the success potential of their business

Customer Analytics

Make the most of this festive shopping spree with ROI driven promotions strategies

The festive season is always very important to Indian marketeers and consumers

Customer Analytics

Customer Profiling and Segmentation in Banking

No customer shares the same quality to be targeted in a similar way.

Artificial Intelligence

An Optimized Approach to Measure Promotion Strategies Effectiveness

In today’s era, promotions and discount offers a part and parcel of the marketing strategy of any CPG company.

Analytics Trends

Collections Analytics: Customer Segmentation and Profiling

In a banking and financial institution, Collection analytics helps in understanding customer preferences and behaviour patterns in order to help them

Analytics Trends

How the FMCG Industry build Technology Advancement and Growth Analysis with AI

The Artificial Intelligence has been actively gaining prominence over the last five years, with many of the companies actively investing in exploring the potential of technology in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Announced your strategic plan with AI model for 2021- 2022!

Since 2020 was year which caused major business transformation in IT & Business Operations and most of the industries

Fraud Analytics

"Fraud detection in Banking Industry" - The new era of AI-Drive

The AI in emerging market reveals that 85% of all respondents currently use some form of AI to boost speed and efficiency

Artificial Intelligence

Key challenges in the adoption of AI & how to solve these areas and achieve wonders through data analytics.

A study found out AI adopters finds businesses face challenges in critical aspects of data management: preparing and cleaning data, integrating data from diverse sources

Fraud Analytics

Elusive Black Swans – New Ways to Detect Fraud

In the 17th century, it was a common belief that all swans are white. It was changed when an explorer discovered a black swan, a seemingly impossible occurrence.

Artificial Intelligence

Why do US hospital administrators need to engage with an analytics partner like TransOrg Analytics?

The per capita healthcare expenditures in the U.S. are more than two times that of other developed countries and estimated to increase by over 65% over...

Business Analytics

Find similar customers. Execute targeted campaigns. Boost campaign ROI.

Your targets are more aggressive than before while your budgets have been slashed. You execute simultaneous campaigns...

Machine Learning

Get insights on the fly and build a data-driven growing organization

Do you ever wonder how your peers get more work done even when they are on the move? Do you have a large team of analysts who are constantly churning...

Data Engineering

How can you find best customers for reactivation?

Owing to the steady competition in every business domain, companies are focusing more on winning new customers through customer acquisition...

Customer Analytics

Why location analytics is the need of the hour for retail businesses?

Location analytics is the process or the ability to gain insight from the location or geographic component of business data...

Artificial Intelligence

How can analytics help Asset Reconstruction Companies?

The leading problem in the country right now is unforeseen volume of Non-Performing assets with the banking system.

Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways Predictive Analytics can help you save millions

The continuous increase in data is forcing companies to shift their strategical business focus towards analytics. Even though harnessing the power...

Big Data

How can Sentiment Analytics prove beneficial for your business?

One of the most important part of running a profitable business is to attentively listen to what your customers want and how they feel so as to improve...

Big Data

5 Trends in Retail Analytics for 2018

In this global era of rising competition retailers are finding it hard to thrive. But they are getting access to a lot of data from stores...

Analytics Trends

5 Trends in Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) in 2018

In today’s competitive era Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies must constantly evolve and rethink.

Analytics Trends

How can you save your financial services firm from foreclosures?

In recent years Non Performing Assets have emerged as a major headache for banking organizations. According to a recent report...

Machine Learning

How can analytics help you optimize digital ad campaigns?

User web behavior is a key source of information for all companies seeking to engage with customers in the digital world...

Machine Learning

6 use cases of video analytics which can revolutionize analytics industry

Organizations have started realizing the importance of data. They are capturing data from different sources like transactions...


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