Customer Analytics

TransOrg provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and customer analytics solutions through advanced quantitative, statistical analytics and big data tools to deploy tailored marketing programs that are centered on fulfilling customer needs while also contributing towards revenues and profitability.
Customer Analytics, Customer Segmentation, Higher Campaign ROI, Predictive Attrition Modelling, Cross-Sell Modelling



increase in response rates to targeted campaigns


increase in sales through targeted cross-sell and up-sell campaigns


fewer non-targeted standardized offers


higher sales from untouched segments

What we do

Customer Segmentation Segment customers based on demographics, value, purchase and other behaviors to better understand and serve their needs.

Higher Campaign ROI Tailor campaigns with the right offer to right customers at the right time and gain improved conversions, customer satisfaction and revenues.

Predictive Attrition Modelling By predicting customers most likely to attrite you can design and target appropriate retention efforts such as new products or services.

Cross-Sell Modelling By predicting customers most likely to buy other products and services, you can design and target appropriate cross-sell efforts leading improved customer life time value.

Case Studies

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