Market Mix Modeling

Companies use multiple media channels and promotions such as TV, radio, internet, mobile and print advertising as well as price discounts, coupons and bundled offerings. A complex mix of own actions, competitors’ actions, regulatory changes and market events affect a product’s performance. The challenge lies in correctly separating the effects of marketing activities from all the above components.
Market Mix Modeling, Forecasting Capability, Predictive Modeling Capability, Simulation Capability, Reporting Capability, Optimization Capability



boost in marketing effectiveness


cost savings through market mix modeling


improvement in share of wallet with same level of costs


improvement in channel contribution to brand awareness

What we do

Forecasting Capability

Forecast the ROI with the highest level of accuracy across different time horizons – short or long term across large datasets.

Predictive Modeling Capability

Predict the impact of key performance indicators on the expected outcome to obtain the best possible outcome for different combinations of marketing mix.

Simulation Capability

Simulate the real time marketing mix parameters to understand the effect of marketing mix on ROI for various marketing initiatives.

Reporting Capability

Monitor the performance of the Market Mix Modeling.

Optimization Capability

Optimize the different combinations of simulated capabilities to determine what the optimal spend mix should be.

Case Studies

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