Perfect time to build-up your profile with both purpose and a good paycheck

says Deevanshu Aggarwal (DTU)
August’2020 batch of Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science

As the world is moving to a new normal, it is a good time to build-up your profile with both purpose and a good paycheck. I am a strong believer that “it doesn’t really matter what skills you bring to the table, if the market isn’t hiring them, then they’re of no use”. I have always been an ardent learner and passionate about acquiring new skills, Data Science being one of them and on top of my list. Read my learning experience here.

Tell us about your learning experience at TransOrg’s Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science?

My learning at TransOrg’s Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science is going great. Faculty and all the mentors especially broader team members of TransOrg Analytics are very cooperative and helpful. I was hoping to get some real-world knowledge and I was happy to find that TransOrg puts a lot of stress on practical aspects of Data Science. The sessions are helping me enrich my knowledge specifically machine learning concepts in addition to providing hands-on practice.

Why TransOrg Analytics?

The best part about the workshop was the content. It was comprehensive, in-depth and gave me insights into the various business challenges faced by organisations in the world beyond theories. I gained practical knowledge through case-studies shared during the workshop. TransOrg Analytics’ faculty made the concepts easy to grasp. However, I was expecting the workshop to continue for long, but it ended after few classes due to our university’s classes schedule.

Any advice to aspiring Data Scientists?

I am a Mathematics and Computing student and I was introduced to Analytics in the early days of my engineering. Belonging to Gen Z, I have always been highly exposed to technology and that is how I realised the importance of data and how data-driven decisions are necessary in solving business problems. I was looking for a platform where I can learn, grow, and create a career opportunity in the field of Analytics. That’s when I came across TransOrg’s Machine Learning and Data Science program and found it aligned to my interests. Transorg Analytics is an established analytics company and I would love to learn more from our faculty, who are practicing data scientists with abundant experience.

Why did you choose to upskill?

As I told you, I was very much interested in Data Science field and for developing my skills in Data Analytics, so I decided to pursue a course that would give me holistic overview as well as in-depth details to Machine Learning concepts. TransOrg Analytics is really supporting me in making the path on my way to my dream career.

How do you feel about the sessions and the faculty at TransOrg Analytics?

Sessions are going great and are helping me enrich my knowledge. Faculty is incredibly supportive and are industry & domain experts. Proper attention is given to every student of the class. They are a guiding force for me.

What would be your message to the Data Science aspirants?

I see Data Analytics as a field where Data Scientists are playing with the data. What patterns our eyes cannot see, analytics bring it to the table. I would just like to convey to Data Science aspirants, that if you want to genuinely become a Data Scientist and not just acquire a branded Data Science certificate then you should opt for the courses with integrated practical learning experience as having just theoretical knowledge of concepts is not enough.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highly recommend), what rating would you like to give to us?

I highly recommend this program and would give a perfect 10 to TransOrg Analytics.

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