Job-oriented knowledge with a focus on practical learning on real data

says Atharva Jain
Data Science Enthusiast - Student, August’2020 batch of Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science

Acquiring job-oriented knowledge with a focus on practical learning on real data and real business problems is what I was aspiring for.

Is there a platform that can make my learning experience easier and rewarding at the same time? Will the course content be comprehensive and cover all the required topics? Am I learning from right mentors on right platform? These were some of the questions that I was struggling to find the answers for.

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How is your learning experience at TransOrg’s Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science?

So far so good, the teachers are patient with the students and allow us to ask our doubts. Individual attention is given to each student and they are encouraged to ask questions to make their understanding of the concepts better. AI/ML and Data Science classes are helping me in understanding the concepts, their real time applicability and relevant use cases. The clarity reflected in the course material and its delivery is admirable. Personally, I am getting benefited from this program. It is broadening my perspective about Data Science and triggering keen interest in the area.

Why TransOrg Analytics?

It was recommended to me by my counsellors and I also did my own bit of research about the company. TransOrg Analytics is a specialized Data Science company and I was looking for the specialists to get knowledge from.

How do you feel about the sessions and the faculty at TransOrg Analytics?

The faculty is really polite, and the sessions are well suited to my timetable. The sessions are turning out to be a great experience. All the faculty members are tenured data scientists working on live analytics projects, are well-versed with the real challenges faced in the practical working environment and hence imparting the same knowledge to us out of their own experience.

What do you like the most about the program? Are we able to help you gain the required knowledge?

What I like most is that I am finally able to do a full-fledged AI/ML course which is generally not available on the net. There are many options available from open online courses to the paid ones but the programs focusing on practical aspects of Data Science are almost difficult to find and TransOrg Analytics’ Certificate Program is a unique program that offers you practical learning with an internship opportunity with the company.

How is the course structure? Any change that you would like to suggest in the topics covered and/or program format?

The course structure is very progressive and honestly, I believe no changes are required.

What would be your message to the Data Science aspirants?

Just put more time into understanding the concepts and practice everything even if you feel like you know it all.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highly recommend), what rating would you like to give to us?

10 out of 10

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