A great starter pack that gives you an insight into data analytics in actual companies

says B.E.(Hons.) Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani
Student of August’2020 batch of Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science

I have always been fascinated with, what data analysis is and its impacts on organisations’ business decisions. I wanted to work in Data Science industry with a strong aspiration to master the field, as I knew that everything else will follow for someone who is adept. Coming with a very limited exposure to programming languages, I was earlier sceptical that how would I absorb Python and so the platform that can take me from basics to advanced was my criteria to evaluate any Data Science program.

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How is your learning experience at TransOrg’s Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science?

The learning sessions and the modules has been designed really well so as to allow the basics to sink-in and there’s also enough time given to the students to explore on their own in between sessions

Do you feel the sessions and the modules are helping you gain desired knowledge and skills?

It is going good so far. I am happy with the program content and the way it has been curated. It covers all the concepts from the basics of analytics to advanced concepts like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning etc. Great program for Data Science beginners who are aspiring to become Data Science experts.

How is the faculty at TransOrg Analytics?

Very patient and articulate. They explain each concept in-depth while covering all the aspects.

What do you like the most about the program?

The whole program is a confidence booster, the one thing that is most beneficial is the timing and schedule of the classes, giving ample time to students to delve in and experience their learning on their own.

How is the course structure? Any change that you would like to suggest in the topics covered and/or program format?

Discussion panels maybe between students, just like the Python community it would be great to learn from each other.

What would be your message to the Data Science aspirants looking to pursue this program from TransOrg Analytics?

"A great starter pack to give you an insight into data analytics in actual companies" - many students when they start their journey into Data Science, they tend to dig into theory, but this program gives you a sense of intuition you need to develop to tackle real life problem statements given by clients

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highly recommend), what rating would you like to give to us?

It is taught by practicing professionals rather than academicians and a differentiator is their offering of one-month real industry experience through a resume-referenceable internship.

I would give it a 9.5 on recommendation scale.

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