Faculty at TransOrg Analytics are industry leaders and would go extra mile to ensure every student understand the concepts

says Ankita Sharma, B.Tech Civil Engineering, NIT Kurukshetra
Student of August’2020 batch of Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science

With a strong aspiration to excel in a career which allows me to utilise my analytical skills and integrative thinking to the fullest, I was looking for a thrust through a holistic Data Science Program that should blend theoretical and practical knowledge in right amounts. And TransOrg Analytics perfectly aligns with my goals.

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How is your learning experience at TransOrg's Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science?

My experience with Transorg's Certificate Program has been pretty good; it offers a very practical and hands-on approach towards learning Data Science. Overall, it is a good blend of theoretical and practical knowledge required to pursue Data Science.

Do you feel the sessions and the modules are helping you gain desired knowledge and skills?

The sessions are effective in building a strong foundation about the topic at hand, and gradually taking it from there to showcasing the advanced application of that concept, and hence doesn't feel too fast or too slow.

How is the faculty at TransOrg Analytics?

The faculty at Transorg Analytics are industry professionals and hence the sessions are very enriching in terms of enhancing one's practical knowledge. The faculty is patient and go an extra mile to ensure every student understands a particular concept.

What do you like the most about the program?

There are a plethora of resources available when it comes to Data Science which mostly confuses a person as to how one should start, and therefore there is inertia which needs to be overcome before a person starts learning Data Science. The content of the certification and its delivery is such that it helps a person overcome that inertia by teaching students’ relevant concepts in a shorter amount of time than most other online courses available in the market today. This is what I like about the course.

How is the course structure? Any change that you would like to suggest in the topics covered and/or program format?

As I said earlier, the course structure is crisp and extremely relevant, which allows a person to gain requisite knowledge before embarking on the path to become a Data Scientist. In one of the classes we had to submit a write-up describing the concepts we had learnt, which provided more clarity about that concept, more such activities could be incorporated, it really enhanced my learning experience.

What would be your message to the Data Science aspirants looking to pursue this program from TransOrg Analytics?

I would like to tell them, JUST GO FOR IT, amongst a plethora of courses available out there, this one is clear, effective, and delivered efficiently. It would greatly benefit all the Data Science aspirants out there.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highly recommend), what rating would you like to give to us?

I think I would rate it 8/10.

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