Well-researched and curated program

says Utkarsh Srivastava, B.Tech Chemical Engineering, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT, Nagpur)
Student of August’2020 batch of Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science

Learning should never stop! One should always try to become better than their own selves. With a dream of becoming a Data Scientist and that too the best one, I was on look-out for the program that covers the Data Science concepts in entirety and I found one in Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science.

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How is your learning experience at TransOrg's Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science?

This Program started with Python and Statistics modules and helped me master the language. I am looking myself as an established and a successful data scientist few years down the line and I am sure this program is going to help me fulfil my dream.

Do you feel the sessions and the modules are helping you gain desired knowledge and skills?

Yes, all these sessions are valuable in gaining knowledge and skills required for someone to be a Data Scientist.

How is the faculty at TransOrg Analytics?

Teaching staff at TransOrg are friendly and highly skilled. They have in-depth knowledge about the program topics. Due to some personal reasons I missed one session, but I must acknowledge, faculty is really helpful and cooperative. They helped me out by clearing all my doubts/questions related to the missed session.

What do you like the most about the program?

Most of us are facing job deferments due to ongoing pandemic and I am effectively utilising this time to upskill myself and to gain knowledge and skills which would help me in paving a path to a successful Data Science career. The program is working well for me and the best part is, it suits my timetable well. I get ample time to practice the concepts taught in the class on my own. Assignments shared after the sessions are helping me remember all the concepts precisely.

How is the course structure? Any change that you would like to suggest in the topics covered and/or program format?

As of now the program is running smooth for me. The content of the program is well- researched and curated.

What would be your message to the Data Science aspirants looking to pursue this program from TransOrg Analytics?

A unique feature of the program by TransOrg is the internship that they are offering as part of this program. For Data Science enthusiasts this course would be helpful as they would be getting a chance to work with the specialist organization on real use-cases, real data and would be getting a real work exposure.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highly recommend), what rating would you like to give to us?

I would like to rate the course as 8 but for faculty it is 10 on 10

Upskill/Reskill yourself with our Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Data Science and keep on following us for more success stories.

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