Our client, a multinational food, snacks, and beverages corporation with an annual revenue of over 1 billion dollar and with presence in nearly 150 countries and territories, spends billions of dollars annually in its global marketing and advertising.

Client wanted to analyze its own brands vs. competitors’ price positioning across the top countries in the Middle East region to identify growth opportunities that can help maximize or optimize their shampoo portfolio while retaining volume share.


TransOrg developed price analysis model to analyzed at a pack size level and compared weighted average prices across different brands

Client can introduce differential pricing across different store formats


  • Identified top 3 brands competing with client based on price and/or pack variants and brand positioning
  • Introduce larger pack sizes as client present in 200 & 400 ML variants whereas competitors in 600+ ML pack sizes as well
  • Nominal price increase without volume share loss in 400 ML size
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